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The CTN animation eXpo (CTNX) 2014


21-23 November 2014


2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505


CTNX turns the spotlight on the work for hire artists and the creative visionaries in the animation, visual effects and video game community. Equally important to each other these artists come together to brainstorm, share ideas, solve problems and work together towards a common goal. As if the verb in many sentences artists consistently empower "the content" that at the core of it all brings the many visions to life. If you are tired of attending events that talk at you but not "with you" then pull back the curtain on the 6th annual CTNX. An interactive smorgasbord of 500 years of talent in 20 Main Room panels, 50 Workshop Sessions, 9 Master Classes, 46 Live Demonstrations, 200+ creator exhibitors, recruiting and after hours events. We at CTN set out to create something different back in 2009 and now stand tall as a "one of a kind" event. No conference pulls it together and looks beyond the horizon at the unveiled opportunities that once revealed will become "the future". From our grande opening kick off to our closing celebration you will find endless opportunities to network, become inspired, refuel and have fun !! So bring your talent, your sketchbook and grab a swag bag but whatever you do this year do not miss one opportunity that this event has to offer over the weekend of Nov 21-23, 2014. Special Guests Include:
Inspiring Key Note Kick Off Legendary Animator Glen Keane
Moonbot Studios Director Brandon Oldenburg
Walt Disney Director Mike Gabriel
Laika Studios Production Designer Nelson Lowry
Animation Collaborative Animator Michal Makarewicz
Master Caricaturist Sebastian Kruger
Walt Disney Art Director Lisa Keene
Visiting artists from Thailand, Poland, Brazil and Scotland
and 200 more ...... Partners include:
Wacom Technologies, Zbrush, Walt Disney, Focal Press, Nickelodeon, ToonBoom and Sony Pictures Animation Sponsors include:
LA FilmSchool, Woodbury University, BlueSky Studios, CelAction



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