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The art of Cartoon is both a mother art and a young art among other kinds of art. It has not been one hundred years from presentation of the first cartoons in Iran and if we consider the long delays between the distributions of these cartoons, its lifetimes does not even reach forty years. Comparing it to other kinds of art such as calligraphy or painting and cinema, cartoon is still very young.
Lack of appropriate grounds for the growth of cartoon is also one of the factors which has made this art unknown. Lack of critiques, lack of enough income, its tongue being red (it causes political dangers) and artistic errors all have resulted in its not achieving a place which deserves it.
Among these, since cartoon is a referential art for animation products, illustration, comics, commercial characterization, political works of newspapers, and even computer games, etc. it must be taken seriously.
This festival has pretty well used the potentials of cartoon art for reflection, exaggeration, consultation and resourcefulness or at least attracting public attention to urban problems. Considering the fact that in the previous festival, we were able to make ituseful by sending more than 50 thousand brochures to Tabriz schools, and change its form from being just a festival, I must congratulate the municipality managers and cultural and artistic organization of municipality's managers . I hope that both god and people be satisfied with this movement.
Rahim BaghalAsqari

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