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List Of Artists Selected For The Humor Of Pirasicaba(CEDHU)
And The International Humor Exhibition Of Pirasicaba/Brazil 2015

list of artists selected for the 'lipstick, pencil & tpm 2015 "Check out the list of selected for the show 'lipstick, pencil & tpm 2015 ". In your 5 th edition (the first was held in the year 2011), It was idealised with the goal of stimulating and offer space to artists (amateur or professional) and brazilian foreign To show their graphic productions, by the city of piracicaba, through semac (municipal of action Cultural), And the cedhu (national center of documentation, research and dissemination of humor graph of piracicaba).'The show is a way of honouring the women, who have your space in the universe of the graphics What can be proven by the success that the exhibition has obtained from the first year, both in the Which refers to the participation of the artists on the responsiveness of the public. ', He said the municipal secretary of cultural action, rosangela camolese.In 2015, were received 158 work, 74 artists from 17 Countries: Australia, brazil, (bul), canada, china, egypt, spain, estonia, india, iran, Italy, peru, poland, kenya, romania, russia, uruguay.Due to the great success and the rise of the session, then in the second edition was needed to carry out a Selection of the work that are presented in shows,Check out the names of the selected for the 2015 edition:Anne derenne - spain
Atefeh Yaryan - Irã
Bruna f. Vettori - brazil
Carla pilla - Brazil
Catarina anselmo - brazil
Catia Ana baldoino - Brazil
Claudia kfouri - brazil
Diliana nikolova - bulgaria
Dina abdelgawad shosha-egito
Eliza freire - brazil
Estela menegalli - brazil
Evelin debei - brazil
Birthday loss - brazil
Tricia tonelli - brazil
Gai Guide - China
Germana Viana - Brazil
Buck janini lesson - brazil
Julia nunes - brazil
Liz france - brazil
Mahdieh Sabbaghkar - Irã
Maria luziano - brazil
Maria rita correa - brazil
Jeanie forty 'gio' - itália
Marie plotena - rep. Czech
Marilena dear - italy
Marina bondarenko - russia
Marley, pa. Centerboard - brazil
Maya tcholakova - bulgaria
Misaila carmen - niculina - romania
Monica fuchshuber - brazil
Hi simonatto - brazil
Katie andres mosquera - spain
Natalia forcat - brazil
Pariya Poolad- Irã
Pillar Muñoz - Peru
Sabrina vieira - brazil
Roberta gomes da costa - brazil
Sandra Regina scaffide - Brazil
Sheida sarafan - canada
Somaye Shoghi - Irã
Usually Becker - Brazil
Synöve D. Hilkner - Brazil
Crystal gualberto - brazil
Crystal gonzales - brazil
Vahide Fallahi - Iran
Beronice saiki - brazil
Vanessa alexander - brazil

Congratulations to all the selected!



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