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Results Of 8th.International Caricature & Graphic Humor Competition "NOTICARTUN" /COLOMBIA,2022/Part2

B. Graphic humor: "Artistic migration".
Graphic and humorous tribute to artists who decide to seek new horizons to take their art around the world.
The Winners: 
First Place: Julio Carrión Cueva - Peru
Second Place: Raed khalil - Syria
Third Place: Javier Cubero Torres - Cuba
Honorable mentions:
1 Mentions: Maciej Trzepalka - Poland 
2 Mentions: Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria
3 Mentions: Benjamin Ale Ali - Iran
4 Mentions: Mark Winter - England 
5 Mentions: (Shared): Arturo Rosas - Mexico & Qiang Liu - China
* Special Diploma Sponsored by Draw to end polio now: Ameen Alhabarah - Saudi Arabia


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