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Results Of The Comics and Blitzanimation International Competition, Ruse / Bulgaria, 2015


Comics and Blitzanimation International Competition
"Medieval Bulgaria - a bridge between
Ethnicities and Cultures "
Ruse 2015In the Comic and blitz animation international competition on "Medieval Bulgaria - Bridge of ethnicities and cultures", dedicated to 830 anniversary of the uprising of Asen and Peter to restore Bulgarian country, 27 artists from eight countries, including Bulgaria, Poland, Romania Greece, Turkey, Brazil, China and Iran are involved.
The jury chaired by Prof. Albert Benbassat and members: prof. DSc Petar Angelov, prof. DSc Iliya Todev, Assoc. Prof. Alexander Iliev and Lyubomir ManolovNominated for Awards:Aleksandar Vachkov - Bulgaria, Aleksandar Petrov - Bulgaria, Bozhidar Halembakov - Bulgaria, Boyan Yordanov - Bulgaria, Boyan Petrov - Bulgaria, Vladimir Dimitrov - Bulgaria, Miroslav Petrov and Ventsislav Velikov - Bulgaria, Nikolay Marinov and Stoyan Stoyanov-Komitski - Bulgaria, Cristian Topan - Romania, Mehmet Kahraman - Turkey, Patricia Longawa - Poland, Somaye Shohgi - Iran, Yalda Hasheminezhad - Iranand select the following awards:In traditional comics categoryGrand Prix - Bozhidar Halembakov
for his work "Many years ago"Simulated Prix - Vladimir Dimitrov
for his work "One trip into the past"
In blitzanimation categoryGrand Prix - Boyan Yordanov
for his work "Slav and Bulgarian history"Simulated Prix - Aleksandar Petrov
for his work "Trapezitsa"
The competition is realized within "Comics without Borders" project, with the financial support of Ruse Free Spirit City Foundation. It is supported by: Creative team "Revis comic" - Bucharest, Romania; "Strip centre of Macedonia" - Veles, Macedonia; "Cultural Spaces" Association - Ruse, "Spring" Kindergarten - Ruse and "Ivan Vazov" Primary School - Ruse.

Aleksandar Vachkov - Bulgaria
Aleksandar Petrov - Bulgaria
Antonia Mantzoyka - Greece
Bing Ling - China
Bozhidar Halembakov - Bulgaria
Boyan Yordanov - Bulgaria
Boyan Petrov - Bulgaria
Danail Stefanov - Bulgaria
Cristian Topan - Romania
Erico JunqueiraAyres - Brasil
Farhad Rahim Gharamaleki - Iran
Jia Rui Jun - China
Kristian Andreev - Bulgaria
Mehrdad Abbasi (Mahmood) - Iran
Mehmet Kahraman - Turkey
Miroslav Petrov and Ventsislav Velikov - Bulgaria
Nick Mallias - Greece
Nikolay Marinov and Stoyan Stoyanov-Komitski - Bulgaria
Patricia Longawa - Poland
Rahim Baghal Asghari Baghmisheh - Iran
Roberto Andreev - Bulgaria
Somaye Shohgi - Iran
Stoyan Stoyanov-Komitski - Bulgaria
Vladimir Dimitrov - Bulgaria
Yalda Hasheminezhad - Iran

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